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Welcome to Art!

I miss everyone and hope that everyone is being creative at home with the things that they may have. I know that not everyone has the same art materials that we have in the art room but some of these art links can be helpful and get you to be creative in your own way using what you have at home.

You may choose any of these art links to work on for the weeks to come. If you finish any type of art project whether you’re using paper, pencil, paint, stickers, yarn, beads you can send the art to me either through Class Dojo or you can email it to me as well and I will be posting the finished artwork to the school’s Dojo page.

This is a great opportunity for you to make up your own art lessons just like I do for all of you. Whatever you are good at when it comes to art now is the time to create and show we what you got! Can’t wait to see your art!

See you soon,

Ms. B

Art Activities for K-3

Some of my Favorites!

Daily Drawing Prompts


The Shadow Drawing lesson is pretty cool!! All you need is paper, pencil, and some light.


Good practice for some quick draws like we did on the white boards!

Art Activities for 4 – 5

This is helpful for those of you practicing drawing faces. This includes easy steps for drawing eyes, nose, and mouth.

We’re all stuck at home, but these are real cool virtual tours of museums that you can see at home

Photo by Pixabay on

You can make flip books! Easy youtube page that you can follow to create your own flip book using any images you want. Remember when you finish and if you’re real proud of it email it to me.

Remember when we made the animal collages? Now you can make your own self portrait collage at home. You just need scissors, glue, and magazines or newspaper!

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