Music June

Don’t forget to sign up for the Arts Gone Viral Showcase by May 31st! If you have a piece of artwork, a song, an instrument, or ANY OTHER talent you want to show off, email or Dojo me or Ms. Bzdula! We want to see ALL of the art and music that Beal students are creating!

Grades K & 1

Follow this link to write your own melody! Here’s a quick video showing how.

When you’re done, take a screen shot or picture and send me your melody by email, dojo, or upload to padlet!

Grades 2 & 3

Find a pot, bin, box, or any other drum-like object and learn “The Fanga” rhythm!

After you’ve learned the rhythm, upload a video of yourself playing the Fanga to padlet!

Grades 4 & 5

You can find your assignment on PowerSchool OR just go straight 
to BandLab if you are already signed up. 

Ms. Falkenstine

Music Teacher

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