School Counselor

Mr. Biancur

School Guidance Counselor

Hello boys and girls!

This is Mr. B. I hope everyone is staying safe with their families. I know the school and the district has been sending everyone information and updates. Please use the links below to watch and practice these social skills with your families, siblings, cousins, etc. I have provided a variety to topics for you as I know you have been home since the break and these will act as reminders for you very similar to the lessons we have done together at school. Mr. Middel and I will be providing anti-bullying lessons like we were doing earlier in the year which we are both very excited about.

I miss all of you and hope you are staying safe with you families. Stay well and talk to you soon!!

Mr. B

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Resources

Working Together as a Team

Put your Toys Away

Know What to do if You Get Lost

Always be a Good Sport

Be Safe When Exploring Outdoors

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Use Polite Words

Get Rid of Frustration

3rd – 5th Grade Resources

20 Things We Should Say More Often

What Does it Mean to Be a Good Friend?

Looking and Listening for Respect

Think It or Say It

Listening with Your Body

Emotions Bingo

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