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Spring Challenge!

Dear K-5 students – Please continue to explore our library’s homepage to practice & reinforce your listening, reading, and tech skills. 

Please work on the following activities independently or with family!

Listen to the book “Breaking News” read by author/illus. Sarah Reul (start at :45-7:08). 

Go to:  & scroll down for flowerpot activity.

OR try

You may choose to discuss w/ your family or print & complete. You may also share/email me your responses or products. Enjoy!

You may email me any finished work @:

Gr. K-2 Ideas from the Library – Choose 1 activity (or more) from the list below:

  • Read or tell a story to your sister, brother, or a pet! It can be a book you’ve read before or make up your own.
  • Call a relative or a friend and read to them over the phone – sight words, sentences, a paragraph, a book – whatever is “just right” for you.
  • Practice & tell a joke. Here’s one: “Why did the kids cross the playground?” Answer – “To get to the other slide!”

Gr. 3-5 LIBRARY CHALLENGE – correctly list the states where 6 Animal Webcams are located. 

STEPS – First -go to BEAL Library Homepage (if you don’t remember how or the link doesn’t work – watch my screencastify video below).


Go to each site & find the state where the zoo or aquarium is located.

You may work independently or with family! Have fun RESEARCHING!

Love,  Mrs. Hague-Gralinski

 * Please submit your responses here:

Beal School Library

Explore everything our library has to offer. Books, resources, live zoo webcams, and more! ​Please take a few minutes to watch & listen to Mrs. Hague-Gralinski’s video

From SPS site – select Resources then Student Links and then click on SPS Libraries & Beal School

Click the Explore Library link below and select Resources and then Student Links

Ms. Hague-Gralinski

School Librarian

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